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AC5CV Weather: Waco, TX

75.7°F – S @ 2.0 mph
Thu   2017-06-29   3:57 AM

Sunrise: 05:30 • Sunset: 19:34
MoonPhase: 32.8% 

HI: 92
Partly Cloudy
HI: 95
LO: 75
HI: 95
LO: 75
Partly Cloudy
HI: 95
LO: 75
HI: 95
LO: 75
HI: 95
LO: 75
HI: 95
LO: 78

Raspberry Pi serving my weather station

Temperature (°F)
Wind Speed (mph)
Wind Direction (180° = South)
Thanks to KWTX    ( 29 Jun 2017 03:30 am)
Hot And Generally Dry Conditions Continue

The weather pattern for Central Texas has turned stagnant with nearly no chances for rain, warm mornings, and hot afternoons. Overnight tonight, low temperatures fall into the lower and middle 70s with mostly cloudy skies by morning. Morning cloud cover will give way to peeks of afternoon sunshine. Despite partly cloudy skies, temperatures should reach the lower and middle 90s with a heat index value as high as 102°.

Both temperatures and heat index values climb a bit higher to end June and the work week. Highs Friday should be a touch warmer, but still in the middle 90s. Heat index values may be as high as 105°. Although we won't see much relief from the heat in the form of afternoon rain, southeasterly winds between 15 and 20 miles per hour should help to cool you off slightly.

Another cold front will be on approach to the Lone Star state late Friday and Saturday, likely sparking showers and thunderstorms near and north of the Metroplex. Rain should remain away from Central Texas Friday evening, but as the cold front skirts the area Saturday, it may spark a couple of showers or weak thunderstorms near and north of Highway 84. Rain chances Saturday are very low, near 20%, with high temperatures in the middle 90s.

Temperatures remain in the middle 90s Sunday but climb into the upper 90s for the middle of next week (including for the Fourth of July). Skies should remain mostly clear during the afternoon with heat index values between 100° and 105°. The hot and dry weather pattern shows no signs of slowing and will likely continue through the entirety of next week.

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