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49.3°F – NW @ 2.7 mph
Tue   2018-10-16   3:42 PM

Sunrise 7:33 am • Sunset 6:55 pm
Moon: 50% Waxing 

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(180° = South)
Detailed Summaries:
Thanks to KWTX    ( 16 Oct 2018 03:30 pm)
kwtx logo Cold And Rainy Weather Continues

From Brady Taylor:

We're expecting another day of cloudy and rainy conditions area wide today. Widespread rain will last through the morning commute, so you'll need to give yourself ample of time to get to where you need to go this morning. Rain will continue through the remainder of the day but the overall coverage of rain should decrease gradually throughout the day. It'll still likely be raining by the end of the day, but there will be some dry spots. High temperatures on Tuesday will climb a little bit higher in the middle and upper 40s with winds chills only in the upper 40s and low 40s.

Rain will still linger through the night with overnight temperatures holding steady in the middle and upper 40s, but Central Texas will begin to dry out the closer we get to sunrise. Skies still remain cloudy during the day Wednesday, but afternoon rain chances hover only near 40%. High temperatures will be a bit higher too in the lower and middle 50s.

Another round of rain is in the forecast Thursday and Friday. Rain chances both days are near 60% with afternoon highs climbing a bit higher in the lower and middle 60s, but the rainy weather will start to come to a close (gradually) this weekend. Rain chances stay near 40% Saturday as afternoon temperatures stay in the middle 60s, but we'll see the return of upper 60s Sunday and Monday under partly to mostly cloudy skies. Rain chances Sunday and Monday are only near 10% right now as there's still some uncertainty about whether or not a weak front will give us some more rain this weekend.

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