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AC5CV Weather: Waco, TX
73.6°F — W @ 0.4 mph
as of 2016-10-21 15:06:05

Lat 31° 33.90' N, Lon 097° 11.88' W, Alt 570 feet
Sunrise: 07:36:29  •  Sunset: 18:49:40  •  MoonPhase: Waning gibbous (61% full)
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Thanks to KWTX       (as of 21 Oct 2016 03:00 pm)
Beautiful Fall Weather into the Weekend!

From Sean Bellafiore:

You can sum up the weather for the next few days in just one word: beautiful. High temperatures this afternoon climb into the lower 70s with a few middle 70s in the cities. Abundant sunshine through the afternoon gives way to clear skies tonight. The combination of clear skies and calm winds sends Saturday morning temperatures into the lower and middle 40s.

A warming trend begins tomorrow, lasting through much of next week. High temperatures Saturday reach the upper 70s with still abundant sunshine overhead. Winds begin to shift from the south Sunday afternoon, helping to draw heat and humidity back into Central Texas. Sunday will still be a great day with temperatures in the lower 80s, but the 70s will be gone for some time.

As Gulf moisture moves back in, expect to see a few more clouds overhead Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. High temperatures Climb into the middle 80s all next week with morning temperatures in the low and middle 60s. Outside of a VERY low chance for an isolated shower Tuesday, Central Texas will remain notably dry. While we're still running a year-to-date rainfall surplus, the near-term rainfall deficit continues. September brought over a 2" rainfall deficit. By the end of next week, October's rainfall deficit will be over 3".

Current weather images (from KWTX):

Regional Satellite Map from KWTX
Regional Satellite-Radar

Waco Forecast Graphic from KWTX
Extended Forecast
Waco Pollen Counts from KWTX
Pollen Count Graphic

National Temperature Map from KWTX
National Temperature Map
Radar image from KWTX
Animated Radar (Waco, TX)
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