HOTARC Mesh Topology
Sep 19, 2018  —  11:42 CDT

The graph values include only wireless links
local, plus remote links via Internet tunneling.

This Google Chart requires Internet access by my Raspberry Pi. If the chart here is missing, that suggests my RPi is having troubles accessing the Internet, or I have messed up something. Sorry!

(results of sampling every 30 minutes, thus N = 48 per day)
Map of real-time RF links in our local mesh

Link Cost color key:  
above 8

Map a profile of the signal path between two antennas

Suggested tips for mapping a profile at
  1) Drag lower right corner of map to enlarge it.
  2) Click or enter locations. (Hint: Drag existing "+" symbols.)
  3) Click altitude link for each entry, and enter adjustment for antenna height above ground level, e.g., +30.
  4) Click "Parameters" below the profile image. Enter "2400" for Frequency. (This reveals the Fresnel zone.)
  5) View path profile (clear or blocked), and bearing/range to second station.
  6) Click "Clear" or "Backspace" to remove/change locations.
Tip: Use Satellite View to see obstructions (trees, buildings, etc) or tall objects helpful for antenna aiming.

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